Dear Readers,

I’m Nicole Marie a.k.a The Siren of this blog.

So what is a siren?

Thanks to Wikipedia for the reference , Wikipedia the saviour.

1. Greek Mythology , One of a group of sea nymphs who by their sweet singing lured mariners to destruction on the rocks surrounding their island.
2. siren, A woman regarded as irresistibly alluring.
Isn’t it  fascinating? the magical and mythical concept of sirens ?
Which is why I  decided to call myself one.
 For me sirens as magical as it sounds embodies a  personal significance to me.
They are beautiful,enigmatic and heard but they are also deadly and dangerous.
Sounds good to me!
According to legend sirens captivates sailors by their singing voices.
In my own perception I would like to captivate my readers by my words.
How I can inspire and motivate them to express themselves.
Not just for them to hear my voice but also for them to find their own voices.
Although sirens , lures them to their own destruction.
This is a metaphor for me, As you continue to read my blog.
Every blog post twill no doubt reveal who I’am. You will be able to feel  the cracked and the craters in my being as a person ,but instead of feeling vulnerable and feeling down about it.
I would like to see this in a positive light, being vulnerable and open can be a good thing.
I would like to show you how the written word can be a powerful tool just like any other
mediums to be heard.
I would like you to be inspired and motivated in every possible way .

I’am currently a junior in college studying Communication arts.

Which is why I deeply encourage each and everyone of my readers to speak up

and let your voices be heard ,this is one of my main advocacy in this blog.


If you’re probably wondering what this blog will consists of;

This is going to be a place wherein  I shall express and share my insights,thoughts and emotions with you!

My passion in films,books/literature,my works as an artist,personal,travel and lifestyle.

This blog will be a personal one as I’am simply a college student that is trying to blog my way into the world.


Let’s dive in deep together!