It’s not all black and white now.


It’s funny how everything has changed

It’s startling how fast it unravelled,


Changed my perspective

even when I’m radioactive,


You came to me unexpectedly like waves to the shores,sweeping me

You came to me wearing your heart on your sleeves,

I’m glad you did

and I can’t wait to see where this is going,

Be the colour to my dull world

Be the muse in my poetry,

Bringing out  the light in me.




Published by: sirenmusings0208

Nicole is a junior in college studying Communication arts. Her passions are highly on the creative side. She loves to write, read, make videos,make DIY crafts ,watch movies or tv series. She have a strong knack for travelling impulsively and dancing crazily to Beyonce at the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. Her blog SIREN MUSINGS is entirely dedicated to her thoughts, passions and everything in between. Twitter: @JUSTNICOLEVLOGS YT channel: JUSTNICOLEVLOGS Instagram: Thegirlwhovlogs.

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