A bibliophile cravings/LITERATURE


Lately I’ve been craving a trip to the bookstore since the mere sight of books everywhere and the scent of it makes my heart swell.

If you love books and also  going  to a bookstore then we will be friends!

Knowing myself I know that it’s impossible for me to walk out of a bookstore without purchasing anything. I did once or twice before and let me tell you it took me guts  and all of my will to do so.

Originally I invited one of my friends to join me to the bookstore ,it was really unplanned since I just got out from my faculty duty, then it just so happens that they don’t have classes. Two of my friends tagged along with us.

What can I say the more the merrier ,right?

The rest is history so  we all  went to a bookstore that sells half prices of new books or second hand books and other reading materials that is available.It’s not that far from our school since it’s only took us to less than 30 minutes journey.

I always run towards a bookstore like a 5 year old kid, my heart lights up just by  doing so.

I get all excited and hyper whenever i’m heading towards a bookstore.

I’m sure that to my fellow bibliophiles can relate to this kind of feeling.

It’s actually one of the best feelings in the world.

My friends Lj, Trix and Aly had to run behind me to catch up since  I left them as I was rushing towards the bookstore. True story.

This scenario always happens either I would have to dragged the person that I’m with to the bookstore ,even if we have no plans or I would have to rush towards the bookstore leaving that person behind.

My heart was beating so fast that I can hardly breathe properly,everything inside me screams BOOKS! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Taking my time in breathing in my surroundings not literally though!

That would be so weird and a bit of creepy.

The bookstore !

It’s like entering a wonderful and magical place.

A place full of adventures,love,hate,knowledge and everything in between.

There are a lot of people in the bookstore but I don’t mind.

It’s a good thing that it’s was not so loud in there. Since all of them are busy reading books or finding ones.

The next thing that I know is that I’m browsing through each books diligently and patiently as I can taking my time in doing so.

My friends roamed around and browsed to I warned them about the amount of time that I usually consumes whenever I’m in the bookstore.

They don’t mind since  we are all not in a hurry.

My friends are not that much of a book lovers but they do appreciate it. One of my friends Lj started reading one of the book that I had recommended which is the novel/memoir EAT,PRAY,LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! One of my favorite books in the world!

Tell me what is your favorite book ?

Each and every time that I  find a book that looks good or a familiar author I couldn’t help but squeal since my heart just fills with profound joy.

As a result the people in the bookstore have to turn their heads to look at me.

Eccentric I know but then come on! I could hardly contain my happiness.

Can you even blame me?

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Aside from fangirling I also managed to be an archaeologist of some kind, digging thoroughly to every books hoping to find books that are worthy and a gem.

After all you can never be sure of what you can find in a bookstore.

Usually I find the best books whenever I dug/browsed  thoroughly.

The next thing that I know is that I have 6 stacks of books with me to the astonishment of my friends I was bombarded with what seems like endless questions.

In which the ones that I had heard many times before.

“Are you seriously gonna buy all of that?”

“Do you even have the money to purchase all of that?”

“How much does all of that books cost?”

“Are you serious?”


(This is what I look like when I’m in my element.)

As I mentioned earlier the prices of the books are really cheap and affordable.

Since my birthday is coming up I decided to treat myself to an early advance birthday present.

To ease their concerns and astonishment I nonchalantly said No.

I always have a habit of hoarding the great books that had managed to find.

Just so no one else can find them then afterwards I’ll pick my top three most wanted books.

I really feel like Belle in the bookstore as I hum the theme song of the movie.

VOILA! The glorious moment that I find these books:



The moment that I found this book it was like angels started to sing.

Since I have Depression and Anxiety this book is definitely a must have!

As a former Psychology student nostalgia hits  me hard.

I even found a book of Sigmund Freud about the interpretation of dreams!

Unfortunately I didn’t purchased it.


Then the next one is a memoir novel of the golden age of actress LAUREN BACALL!

People wake up! To those who don’t know who she is Lauren Bacall is one of the famous actress during the Golden age of the Hollywood just like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

That’s when I know that these books are definitely come home with me.

My heart soared with joy with the thought of it clinging to the books possessively.

I also bought the Passion issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine in which

Liza Soberano was the cover girl for the month of JULY 2016.

She looks great in the cover and I’m really intrigued in the content of the Passion issue.

It’s not like it’s the first time that I had bought a Cosmo magazine it’s just that people tend to make a big deal about it.

For an 18 years old it really is a bit controversial but then I beg to differ.

It’s only for educational purposes after all I ‘am a Junior  Communication arts student

and one of my major subject is Print Media which majors in journalism and print

mediums .

I’am consciously and entirely aware of what the content of what the magazine will consists of As a mature adult having it’s a good thing to have an open mind.

As I stand in line to wait for my turn to pay for the books I kept on thinking if I should buy all of the books since I remembered all of the  unread stacks of  books at home.

Okay, maybe just this time. After all do what makes you happy right?

I guess this will be the death of me not literally maybe just my allowance.

Sorry ma!

The bookstore adventure that we had ended by roaming around in the mall.

We really had a great time and I on the other hand managed to not buy everything in the bookstore.

I’m really happy with the new books that I had bought and I’m trying so hard not to devour them immediately since I’m still reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

Taking my time in savouring the novel.

What do you think of the books that I found?

Have you bought a new book recently?




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Nicole is a junior in college studying Communication arts. Her passions are highly on the creative side. She loves to write, read, make videos,make DIY crafts ,watch movies or tv series. She have a strong knack for travelling impulsively and dancing crazily to Beyonce at the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. Her blog SIREN MUSINGS is entirely dedicated to her thoughts, passions and everything in between. Twitter: @JUSTNICOLEVLOGS YT channel: JUSTNICOLEVLOGS Instagram: Thegirlwhovlogs.

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