The brutal truth/PERSONAL


The other day I was writing an essay in the library for one of my English class.

In the process of doing so I was no doubt completely immersed and focused on the task at hand.

It was actually some sort of a miracle when my friend had asked me a question and I was able to hear her once without the need of calling my name repeatedly  or  abruptly popping my universe just to jolt me out  of my deep contemplation.

Her question was  out of the blue and it had caught me off guard ,

“What do you prefer the brutal truth or the sugarcoated one?”

It was actually a simple question but I know that it needed a complicated answer.

Taking my time in answering her ,

She stared at me with a rather  inquisitive/ curious gaze,which one I cannot tell since once again I became lost in my own thoughts;recklessly ransacking my brain  with my personal experiences to justify  her question.

For a moment, I stared at the paper before me which was filled with my lousy handwriting then the world around me slowed down ,there I was burning holes to my draft essay paper ,nothing else had mattered but the question.

Which one do I prefer the brutal truth or the sugarcoated one? I muttered to myself,thinking out loud.

The question was like one of the hardest questions in an episode of Who wants to be a millionaire?

The question have a lot of answers but I only have to choose one or maybe not in my case.If only answering this question would give me a million worth of money then why not?

One can only hope.

A lot of flashbacks had occured in a brief moment of time right after the question was asked .

Painful ones along with the happy/memorable ones atleast from what I can truthfully remember.

“Sometimes the memory can be muddled.”

In  split seconds my whole life ,one by one had  flashed before me like a series of scenes  unravelling .It was chaotic and disconcerting to me during that time.

I’m sure that at one point in our lives we all had that painful yet awakening experience in which it had  made us realize that the truth is not always easy to say or not easy to accept.

Let’s admit it no matter how painful the truth is we all want to hear it.

It’s better than believing a lie or living a lie.It’s like a bitter pill .

My friend had to tap my shoulder just to bring me back to the reality.

“Nicole, you don’t have to answer the question if it’s too  personal .” She said in a soothing manner accompanied with a reassuring smile.

While my face on the other hand was distorted with confusion.

“Oh no! It’s fine it’s just that I didn’t expected that a simple question would stirred me this bad.”I immediately answered with a nervous laughter.

“Ofcourse,I prefer the ruthless brutal truth but as a flawed human being like myself. I know that I’m not always truthful and not everyone is brave enough to admit it “,I answered her with firm  conviction.

At that moment I remembered one of the lesson in my journalism class.

Either consciously or subconsciously we lie and it’s called “The selected truth “.

“We either  distort the truth or we select a part of the story then we tell it.That what became the truth.”

The truth is the same thing as the reality.

While a lie is like a fantasy,it’s too good to be true.

On the other hand it’s not always necessary to tell the truth or to hit someone with the hard truth.

For example would I say to someone that painting is not her area of expertise ,when she’s an aspiring artist?

Would I say that she’s a hopeless case  and it’s only a pipe dream?

Ofcourse not ,because that would break her heart and it would crushed her dreams.The best thing that I can do is give her a constructive criticism that would help her improve her craft.

Another thing would I say that everything will be okay when a friend of mine is having a rough time in his life?

Would I say that he needs to deal with it and be optimistic about life?

Ofocurse  not, I would be there for him ,lend my ears and shoulder for him patiently and with consideration.

I would support and encourage him until he can stand up once again but once the time has come for  the brutal truth I will say it for his own good.

There’s always a  right time and place and there’s also a borderline when it comes to spilling the brutal truth.

I know someone who always tells the truth no matter how savage or ruthless it sounds. It’s one of his strenghts and also one of his weaknesses.

I admire him for his honesty since hearing him speak is like a mixture of a breath of fresh air and a bitter dose of medicine.

Some doesn’t like this trait  of his while some does , especially to those who knows him well. I’am one of those who knows him and it has been a privilege to know him personally and to call him my friend.

Speaking of the truth , it’s a breath of fresh air to be around honest and real people with real emotions,experiences.

The ugly but the real and genuine truth.

Being truthful to oneself is same as saying the truth.

Well I would be lying if I say that I’m always truthful to myself.

When I said I’m okay when the truth is I’m feeling depressed but I will not tell that to my friend since I don’t want her to get worried about me.

I remembered what my mother had told me , real friends will be there for you no matter what.

During that time I want to say that I was feeling down by the dumps  but I didn’t since I was too busy on my essay and a couple of other things.

It didn’t occured to me to ask her why she asked such a question,I didn’t  bothered to since maybe  it was simply out of curiosity or boredom.

After all I was too busy to engaged her in a conversation when I was  writing an essay.

My friends knows that when i’m in my element it’s best to leave me alone until i’m done with it.

When I got home from school, the question still lingered at the back of my mind.

I knew that I still wasn’t convinced  of my answer ,there was still this deep seated anxiety in me but then time made me wiser.

The brutal truth is something that I need to accept and to practice not just an individual but also as a  future media practitioner .

The brutal truth will not just set me free but it will also someday be my bread and butter.

The next time someone would asked me that kind of question I would hit them with nothing but the cold ,hard truth.

Nothing but the real me.

What’s your story?

What do you think about the brutal truth?

Comment down below!

Xoxo The Siren.


Published by: sirenmusings0208

Nicole is a junior in college studying Communication arts. Her passions are highly on the creative side. She loves to write, read, make videos,make DIY crafts ,watch movies or tv series. She have a strong knack for travelling impulsively and dancing crazily to Beyonce at the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. Her blog SIREN MUSINGS is entirely dedicated to her thoughts, passions and everything in between. Twitter: @JUSTNICOLEVLOGS YT channel: JUSTNICOLEVLOGS Instagram: Thegirlwhovlogs.

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